September 28, 2007

MovableType & Six Apart-- New CEO

It was announced earlier this month, Six Apart -- MovableType's parent company will be getting a new CEO-- Chris Alden. Read more here.

August 3, 2007

Survived the move...

After moving this blog to new servers, I was happy to note I did not have to update the Blogger Calendar --JDBC servlet.

What does this mean for other MovableType bloggers that may want to use the Blogger Calendar with their blogs? As long as you maintain the original configuration data you do not need to have me recompile the servlet code even if you move it. "It's a good thing...."

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April 6, 2007

MovableType & Blogger Calendar-- Great Combo

Integrated the Blogger Calendar on this MovableType blog. Quite happy with the results. I integrated the Blogger Calendar using these settings-- dynamic links for individual, daily, and monthly posts. I also use a php extension.

When setting up the MovableType blog an .htaccess file is sometimes created in the root directory [if the blog is a sub-domain in the blog's root directory]. If you change to dynamic linking-- as I did with this blog, you must erase the original [or rename it] so the program can re-write another one. This is clearly discussed in the installation instructions which I decided to read after playing with it for awhile.

I am quite happy with the user interface on this platform and the way in which template styles are incorporated. Installing and configuring MovableType is a bit trickier than other blogging platforms I use-- however, I am happy to have the experience and another platform that demonstrates the Blogger Calendar.

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